Ecuador Quakes Reaches 413 Death Toll

Ecuador quakes reaches 413 death toll

Photo Source: CNN

 As of this weekend, the earthquake that hit Portoviejo, Ecuador last April 18 already reaches 413 death toll according to the government’s latest bulletin.
The 7.8 magnitude quake that hit the Ecuador’s cost line listed about 2, 500 number of injured.
Atleast one American has among of the confirmed dead but is said to be still unidentified as of now. Though, US officials has been in touch with the family of the victim.
            Rescuers and aids were immediately released after the quake. And the rescue for the trapped bodies continues.
            According to Ecuador’s Foreign Affairs Minister Guillaume Long, hundred s of international workers were already in place. Including missions from Peru, Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela and Switzerland. Meanwhile, Mexico has sent 120 helpers, Spain has sent 80 rescue experts while Chile sent 49 firefighters.