Jung Jinyoung: The Man of Talents

Being a KPOP idol takes a lot of hardwork. It also requires courage and dedication that was enhanced during their years of being a trainee. Aside from the looks that an artist must carry out, talents must be considered. An idol must be good in at least one point. It can be in singing, dancing, or even in acting. Once you have at least one of those characteristics, plus the charisma, surely your fans will go crazy over you! But there are some artists that have been so lucky to be the “talented ones”.
Leader Jung Jinyoung of the Korean boy group B1A4 seems to catch all of the possible talents that an idol should have. With his sweet and charming voice, covers a man with full of talents. Song writing, singing, a little bit in dancing, playing guitar and even in acting, he nailed it all! During his early years as a trainee, Jinyoung thought that it would be nice if the song he composed could go into a group album, so he decided to start composing. Because of his ability in composing music with such superior emotions his self-composed song “Bling Girl” made it to be one of the songs of B1A4’s first mini album. And that’s where it all started.
            Aside from composing and singing he also debuted as an actor. He appeared with minor roles in KBS drama “My Mom, Super Mom” and in MBC’s dramanet “Chosun Police”. Finally, after having minor and cameo roles, he was casted to be one of the supporting lead in the film “Miss Granny” in which he played the role of a grandson. Because of the good plot of the film, adding the support from BANA’s (B1A4’s fans) the movie was said to be a hit. After his acting on the movie, he finally casted to be one of the lead roles in MNET’s musical drama “Persevere, Goo Haera” in which he played the role of a twin. Because of this role, he gained much of attention from the netizens considering his talent in both singing and acting.
            Jinyoung continued to compose songs for his group as he now produces some of B1A4’s songs together with his co-member CNU. Some songs he made, even became the album’s top track. Examples are “Baby I’m Sorry”, “Baby, Goodnight”, “Wonderful Tonight”, “Sesame Player Song” and many more. Just recently, he participated in a reality show “Produce 101” wherein he produce his own composed song “In the Same Place” to the idol aspirants and performed by them. This again caught the attention of the public, not only because the song is good but because Jinyoung again proved himself as the man full of talents.

“No matter where and when, I must be a modest and down-to-earth person”.
          Jinyoung quoted it in one of his interviews. He clearly stated that no matter what happen, no matter how much fame he got, he still going to keep his feet off the ground and be forever thankful on the fans that keeps on supporting him as a leader, and them as a group.