Music: Escape and Salvation

Aside from being avid patrons of singing and other musical competitions, Filipinos are really fond of listening to music. They enjoy it while making their way to work, doing household activities, and even while studying. With all the songs present today, one can choose from a wide horizon of genres, artists, albums, and many more! Listening to music also gratifies a range of individual needs whether be it the need for entertainment, leisure, and even escape and salvation. Music offers its listeners a different dimension; it brings people to a safe and comfortable haven. But how does music really satisfy these needs with all its rhythm and sounds? Let us name three points how music is able to grant these needs:

Music: Escape and Salvation
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1. Music speaks to you.

It speaks to your emotion, soul, and being. It engages in a conversation with one’s inner self making him really relatable to a specific song. If one ever feels alone, down, and the need for someone who can offer an ear to listen but no one could be there except for music, he could just sit down and enjoy what music has to offer. Music talks about your life, your dreams, your heartbreaks, and even how you puff your cigarette when you are highly stressed in life.

2. Music hugs you.

Remember those sleepless nights where you cry yourself out but no one seems to be there? But then, there’s music giving you comfort, hugging you through its beats, saving you from being an all-nighter who cannot move on from his unsuccessful previous relationship. “You can move on from that!”, says music giving you the feeling of a warm hug. And, when you finally move on, music taps your back like your good-old-wise brother – “Good job, young man!”

3. Music inspires you

Having a rough day? Why not turn the radio on or play your favorite inspirational tune from your music player to brighten your day? Music can be a solid three-minute day booster to get yourself up and beat those deadlines from school and from work. The next time you need a little push and motivation, just groove and shake out all the negatives in life with your favorite Justine Bieber or Ariana Grande pop hit.

Music has a lot more to offer for someone depending on the need of an individual and on how he enjoys the tune. Music preferences and tastes are, after all, subjective in nature. People listen to what they want based on the artists and genres they like, be it contemporary or old-fashioned music. But, most especially, one listens based on his mood and how he feels and music is there to offer this wonderful dimension of escape and salvation. Last good point about music, it never confines you from enjoying it all by yourself – let your friends join in the fun and in your most sentimental moments!