The Filipino Worker: Enjoying the Fruits of your Labor

On May 1, 2016 Philippines will celebrate Labor Day (Araw ng Manggagawa in Filipino). Labor Day is an annual public holiday in the country that celebrates the hard work of the Filipino workers. This day is also a chance for them to assemble and gather together to raise their voices, extend their grievances, and fight for their rights as members of the working class. Filipinos are known to be enduring and hard workers. Even in abroad, many foreigners appreciate the determination of a Filipino worker. Common attitudes like being polite, hospitable, and having the calibre of doing almost anything are recognized by people from different countries as something that describe what a Filipino worker is. Practically, Filipinos work really hard not just for themselves but, of course, for their whole family. Filipinos are also known for giving so much value to close family ties that’s why they really care, love, and make sure that each and every member of the family is in good condition. Aside from that, Filipinos have a pocket full of dreams. They aspire a lot which fuels them to keep on striving. At the end of the day, all of these hard works pay off. But how does Juan and Juana enjoy and should enjoy the fruits of their labors? Here are some practical points on how to get the best out of your hard work:

The Filipino Worker: Enjoying the Fruits of your Labor
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1. Earn the money today. Secure the investment tomorrow. 

Jobs must be financially rewarding and satisfying. Hard work amounts to a financial equivalence – the salary. Yes, money may just be a piece of paper but the world considers so much value for it. People need money. It is a necessity for everyday living. As a worker, one should really consider not just earning the money but also saving it for the future. Budget is crucial to this and so is making investments. Saving money could allow you to secure and invest for future trips with the whole family, significant life celebrations, and even for your new house and car. Earning money requires dedication and time. But, saving money requires the double effort. Those coins you have in your pocket? It could significantly help you one day.

2. Enjoy and love your work but never forget about yourself and your family.

While jobs must be financially rewarding and satisfying, it must also be personally fulfilling. The work arena is a place for learning and gaining experiences. This is a chance to meet new people, explore new places, and know more about yourself and what you can do. Jobs must bear the fruit of learning either it’s a practical skill or getting familiarize with a new computer program or software. Through this, you get to enjoy of applying these knowledge even outside your office like sharing it to your siblings or your closest friends. While working hard for these outcomes, one should not forget about himself and his family. Work requires time. Family requires time too. This is a matter of how one balances and manages his time for both commitments. Do your work on time. Finish it on time. And, enjoy the rest of the day with yourself and with your family on time.

3. This too shall pass.

It will pay off. No matter how easy or how hard it is, it will have an outcome. It will materialize. You may be able to buy that beautiful bag at the Mall, eat your favorite dessert at the famous bake shop, or even receive a promotion to a higher position! And, how do you enjoy all these stuff? These things serve as constant reminders and inspirations that all your labor will be given enough credit. It may not always be in a material form but it can also be in the simplest of forms like the positive feedbacks and words from your boss and the smiles and joy of your family and friends seeing you grow more not just an employee but as a being and as a person.

This Labor Day, we congratulate and salute all the hard-working Filipinos who do their best for their families and their futures. You are all an inspiration to the Filipino people. There may be a lot of conflicts and issues, but it is never too late to hope and work for the best for the Philippines. Kudos to every Juan and Juana!