Women and Society: Rising from the Silent Culture

In history, women are considered to be minorities of the society. They belong to the lower fraction of the hierarchy while men, as the dominant gender, belong to the higher fraction. In terms of culture, women are bound to just stay at home, perform household chores, do nursing activities for their children, and make sure the whole family is well-taken care of. Women are also confined not to have formal academic training and be able to work and become successful in a corporate arena because they believe that some time in the future women are only bound to marry men ending up with having a family and taking care of them. Other cultural practices also involve activities that violate the rights and femininity of a woman believing that this would protect them from their ferocious environment like the Female Genital Mutilation which is prominent in Africa and in other countries where it culturally practices and removes the clitoris of a woman to protect her, or hinder her, from having the urge of engaging in sexual activities. In a society of male dominance, women remained silent for a very long time as far as history is concerned. But in transition, women fought for their rights and for their space in society. Breaking their silence, women rise above and conquer the world.

Photo retrieved from Vibesmag.com

Women of today belong to the different areas and fields of work. They are managers of huge business establishments and famous food chains, they are intelligent doctors who practice extra caution in performing medical activities, they are advocates who stand up for a better environment and society, they are scholars who work to equip the future generations for their bigger battles, and they are also involve with politics and governance; they practice law and justice to serve their countrymen and help them achieve what the laws of the land have for them. These leap of steps breaking out from the box where society has confined them, women are able to fit in the space and rebut the many misconceptions by the people who surround them. Gradually, they are able to speak their voices out and raise their sides and concerns. Women are slowly yet surely breaking down the walls of silence and earn and experience the fairness of rights and laws.

On a lighter and entertaining side, women are also in the field of show business like drama, news, dancing, singing, and in music! They are great artists, they are reliable purveyors of non-biased news casting, they have the moves of a professional dancer, and they are powerful divas! Whether in local or global market, definitely you will find a woman, especially a Filipina who really works hard not just for herself but also for her family, friends, and for the Philippines. There are several Filipinas who are internationally recognized, particularly in the entertainment industry, like Charice Pempengco, Lani Misalucha, and Jessica Sanchez. Some Filipina, however, may not be as popular as the ones mentioned but they are surely not less than them. They also strive hard to win their own battles.

Undeniably, the process may be slow but the progress is noticeable for the female gender group. Yes, there are many hindrances and threats but it is just about time for women to be strong and courageous not for the benefit of imposing gender threats and danger to men and other gender groups but for the benefit of living in a genderless, classless, and non-discriminative society.