7 Minutes with Darren Espanto

Darren Espanto from The Voice Kids Philippines Season 1 came to visit 106.7 Energy FM and had a welcoming interview with DJ Sheena during her radio show “Merienda Madness”. When asked, “Who is Darren Espanto,” the 15-year-old artist described himself as very hyper, makulit and makwela behind the camera despite looking all quiet and calm on screen. Darren also added, “I’m just simple.”

Darren was also asked by DJ Sheena, what makes him unique? He responded with, “Just being myself and boses ko din po, I’d say”. With his amazing voice and good looks, there’s no doubt that Darren also receives other offers aside from singing; but because of his busy schedule, we won’t be seeing him acting on the big screen anytime soon. If possible, he wants to be in a family-oriented or feel good projects; as for future love-team partner, he didn’t drop any name.

The rising superstar also said that he already fulfilled everything he’s ever dreamt of when asked if he still have some dream projects. In the midst of his booming career, in 5 years, he’d probably still be studying and spending more time with his family.
During the interview, Darrenatics’ questions have been filing up on Energy Fm Manila page on Facebook; DJ Sheena then finally asked Darren what the fans have been dying to know, “meron na bang someone special sa puso mo?” He simply answered, “Yung pamilya ko po syempre and yung Darrenatics.

The interview ended with Darren’s latest single, “7 minutes”. His second album entitled “Be With Me” is out now on digital release and to hear more of his songs, go out and buy his album now! - Jaren Marie F. Genovatin