A Mother’s Love: How Far can She Go?

“Mothers hold their child’s hand for a moment and their heart for a lifetime.”
-          Anonymous

For nine months they have carried life inside their wombs; nine months of pain, extra precaution, and, most of all, nine months of overflowing excitement. It is a joyous and powerful moment from day one up to the day when another life is brought to existence. They patiently and lovingly anticipate this day of birth. Their unending and unquestionable love for their children and whole family – they are our Mothers. But, the ninth month is not the end of a mother’s love; rather, it is the beginning of a new chapter and story. It is when another heroic journey unfolds for a woman of grace, strength, and character. Mothers are characterized to be extremely enduring and loving especially for their children. She is willing to do everything just to give her family comfort, love, and extra care. And, sometimes, there comes a point when one is bothered to ask, how far can she go? 

A Mother’s Love: How Far can She Go?
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1.      She wakes up before sunrise and sleeps after bedtime

Without mothers, who would make tasty and satisfying French toasts or the all-time Pinoy-favorite, Tapsilog or Tapa, Sinangag, and Itlog, for breakfast? And, who would help prepare the children to get ready for school? Even without getting enough sleep, mothers are always ready to open their eyes even before the sun rises and seize the day. Throughout the day, she is a Wonder woman doing things simultaneously and makes sure that everything is done before the sun sets. She hugs you tight and kisses you from work or from school and assures that you get to eat a delightful dinner. As soon as the bed is ready, she tells you bedtime stories until you fall to sleep. It was a long day for everyone, including her. But, she surely checks that everyone is comfortably and tightly sleeping.

2.      She has been there from the start and will always be there until the end.

Remember the first time you fell on your knee and got wounded? Mother got her medicine and band aids ready for you. How about your first heartbreak from your past boyfriend? Mother was there to tell you that, “He’s just a boy and not a man to handle someone like you.” And, the time you lost your job? As a wife, she was there as your backbone helping you, as her husband, to keep standing still for the whole family. She is the witness of all the smiles, joy, pain, and tears in your life that she can already write a book and share to the world how proud she is to have strong children and a wonderful husband.

3.      She can cross oceans, fly over horizons, and run a million mile.

As idiomatic, as exaggerated, and as figurative it may sound; mothers are really ready to do anything for the benefit of her children and family. She can cross oceans of problems. Be it about the laundry, what food to eat tomorrow, and how to keep the house tidy, she can definitely make it done. She can fly over the horizons just to make sure that the whole family is fine and that everyone gets the chance to experience the fruits of hard work of each member of the family. And, she can run a million mile just to give what her family deserves. It can be your Batman shirt, your younger brother’s favorite toy car, or your sister’s sophisticated red dress. Her efforts are just incomparable.

Of all these things, mothers are always ready to love unconditionally even though there are times that their families take them for granted. They are always there ready to exert more than extra effort to keep their families tightly bound together. From your glorious moments to your rock bottom experiences, she’s there clapping her hands and tapping your back making it feel that everything is easy because she’s there. This Mother’s Day, we continue to celebrate and to salute all mothers for all their efforts and hard work. You deserve all the acknowledgment and love from the people you’ve supported from the beginning. Indeed, mothers know best and they deserve only the best. Happy Mother’s Day with love!