Asia's Acoustic Sweetheart Sabrina Releases her First All Original Self-titled Album

DJ Sheena with Sabrina
Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart Sabrina visited the 106.7 Energy FM booth to gladly share her all original and self-entitled album “Sab” and have few minutes of awesome and unpredictable radio visit experience with DJ Sheena as she mentioned in her Instagram post.

Known for recording renditions of modern hit songs,  she's now taking a leap in writing for an all original album and veering away from her comfort zone. Sab is definitely back with a brand new record that she can call her own.

When asked about how she describes herself as an artist, she confidently answers “Mahalagang bago ako magpasaya ng mga tao, masaya ako. Kasi you cannot give what you don’t have.”  She also shared that MCA Music never fail to inspire her as well as all the people who are more excited than she is for her album. Despite all the struggles she experienced since the beginning of her professional singing career which includes her busy schedule in the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos and running back and forth from school to recording studios, she proudly gives her fans the fruit of her hard work.

DJ Sheena cheerfully agrees on how Sab managed to be positive which she thinks is relatable to life. According to DJ Sheena, “Life is short kaya wag tayong masyadong magpapaapekto.” Which gave the reason for Sab to drop another quotable quote which may help a lot of people today. “Those who don’t mind, don’t matter and those who matter won’t mind.” Take note of it, pangga!

Though saddened with the fact that their down to their last question, she turned out to be extra-energized to answer, “Does forever really exist?” She personally shares “Meron. Naniniwala pa rin ako. Basta, mahal ang isa’t-isa, willing to work things out and ‘wag babaguhin ang partner. Love is not an emotion or a feeling but it’s a decision, kahit na ang dami mong makitang models, siya pa rin.” 

Her album “Sab” is available worldwide digitally on Spinnr, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer on June 24. Sab invites you to follow her Instagram, facebook and twitter account @lovelotssabrina for more updates, videos, and announcements! – Jael Banaag