Farewell Fair Weather’s Sound of Music

Farewell Fair Weather with DJ Dex
Photo by Dexty MN

Farewell Fair Weather. Emotions set their songs. Their lyrics express profound meaning. Their rhythm can pacify one’s mind, heart, and soul.

Farewell Fair Weather is an independent band that started in 2012 composed of students from the University of Sto. Tomas. In their guesting on Energy FM’s Only Indie Philippines segment, they shared that they “wanted to try forming a band just to get away from stress from school. Parang ‘yung tipong when you’re so stressed and we just wanted to do it and just enjoy the band and some school stuff”.

Because of some personal reasons, some of the original members left the band. Today, the band is composed of Mica Manalo on vocals, Gani Palabyab on keyboard, Ethan Muriel on bass, Mark Villena on drums, Kim Hue Jin on acoustic guitar, and Leng Guerrero as the sound engineer.

They do not confine themselves within a specific genre. Instead, they focus on the song’s story concept. “We like to do word painting to whatever the lyrics are. For example, if the song is about daydream, let’s make it sound like you are daydreaming. If it’s about anger, let’s make it sound angry,” Gani explained. For instance their song 30 Second Vacation – which is about daydreaming – sounds easy, light, and jazzy.

Soulful and expressive. That is how they classify their style of singing in terms of vocals. “It goes really well with the music,” Mica said.

Their music is a product of the band’s collective effort. Mica writes the lyrics of the song while others arrange it. Members of the band all agreed that it feels better if everyone contributed something. “So every time na tutugtog kami parang, we all made this, parang masaya kaming lahat.”

Because of their exceptional music, the band was hailed as the “Chosen One” in the 2nd Jack Daniel’s Philippines on Stage Music Program in 2015. They also represented the country in Fête de la Musique, a French annual music festival and in Music Matters, Asia's premier independent music festival.

Within this year, Farewell Fair Weather is going to independently release their first full-length album. The band will also be participating in Music and Arts Festival this coming February 4. For more details about the band, you may visit their Facebook page at www.facebook/farewellfairweather, and Twitter and Instagram (@ffwph). You can also listen to their songs through their YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

Farewell Fair Weather’s music can surely take listeners to another dimension – a dimension where one’s mind, heart, and soul can find solace.

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