Indie music is indiemand

The rise of independent music in the Philippines

The beauty of music is measured not by popularity but by its quality.

The independent music scene is a world of diversity and versatility. Each musician and band produces distinct style, genre, and sound. It is in the indie scene that people can listen to music not usually heard in the middle-of-the-road.

Independent Filipino musicians are like precious stones that are hard to find but can shine an exquisite radiance. Most of them do not have their own place in the limelight yet but their music can surely capture the heart of their listeners.

But not everyone remains behind the spotlight. There are those who managed to shine and have their name known in the industry because of their attention-grabber, meaningful, and original compositions. The sincere lyrics of Jireh Lim’s “Buko”, for instance, got most Pinoys hooked to it. Similarly, SUD’s Sila will make his listeners realize the worth of their beloved. Quest, Peryodiko, Jensen and the Flips, among others are also some of the indie musicians who are making noise in the music industry today.

In order to appreciate and reward the contributions of indie musicians in the industry, different award-giving bodies were established such as ALAB: The Independent Musician Rising Awards, Libertad: The 1st National Indie Music Festival, and Jack Daniel’s Philippines on Stage Music Program.

Aside from the beautifully-composed songs, the right publicity can also help the independent musicians shine. Energy FM 106.7 aims to promote the Original Pilipino Music (OPM). In line with this, the radio station supports independent musicians by inviting them as guests in the weekly segment, Only Indie Philippines, every Saturday, 6 – 9 pm.

Independent musicians, like the rare gems, cannot be seen in the open. But once they are discovered, their talent and music will be truly appreciated. –Mary Milorrie M. Campos