Jensen and The Flips

Feeling bored during a cold and rainy weather? Then stir your senses with the funky and jazzy songs of Jensen and The Flips.

Jensen and The Flips will caress your ears with their alluring music of Soul/R&B/Motown that will leave you dazed and sentimental. Their music that’s a mixture of pop-induced and 70’s retro music, will be loved by both young and old souls alike. As the band described it in an interview as “Poul”— Pop and Soul, inspired by some old school and metal music, and various artists like John Mayer, Justin Timberlake and David Foster.

Formed on November 9, 2013, the band’s name came from their lead vocalist, Jensen Gomez, while FLIPS stands for Freaky Little Island People. The band consists of seven members including Jensen Gomez on lead vocals and guitar, Choi Padilla on bass and back-up vocals, Jesser Sison on keyboards, Fitz Manto on drums, Samuel Valenia on guitar and back-up vocals, Mel Roño on guitar and Carlo Maraingan on percussion.

The songs of the band that were mostly sensual or lovelorn were inspired by life experiences. Their first studio album entitled “Honeymoon” was released in July 2015. This ten-track album includes the songs “Lovechild”, “Borrowed” and “Dangerous. (Ain’t Tellin’ No One)” that was produced by Yellow Room Music Philippines and digitally distributed by MCA Music. But even before that, they already released various singles which are “Is This Love”, “Slow”, and “Used to Be.”

If you want to hear more of their sexy ‘Poul’ music, catch Jensen and The Flips this Saturday at 6pm in the ‘Only Indie Philippines’ segment hosted by DJ Dex only on Energy FM! -Michelle Ann Fernandez