Only Indie Philippines: Starlight Replica

Listen to Starlight Replica as they sing their songs of hope, peace, and love this coming Saturday, January 14, 2017.

Starlight Replica – a band that sings out hope, peace, and love – is composed of Eman Gabuya, Ronald Biyo, Seb Delos Reyes, and Jezer “Boc” Caballero.

Eman and Ronald were college friends and were members of different bands. Ronald was a member of Cavite-based bands Thou.G, Novelcast, and Method. Eman, on the other hand, was a member of the college group called Seño. Together, they play gigs in Cavite and in some of Manila’s iconic bars like Sazi’s bar (formerly Mayrick’s) and Freedom Bar. During the latter part of their college years, Eman and Ronald became bandmates in Seño and played a few more gigs before finishing college. Unfortunately, Seño disbanded at mid-2013 due to some circumstances that the band did not handle well.

Early 2014, Eman formed the Starlight Replica band with Eric Palma on drums and Eleazar Basco on bass. Later on, Ronald also joined the band. However, Eric had to leave the band due to his family responsibilities and was replaced by Toti Olaño. Eleazar also left the band in late 2014 because he wanted to take a rest and perform personal duties. Seb Delos Reyes, Ronald’s friend from church, replaced Eleazar. The band was about to record their first track when Toti and his family had to migrate to Canada. Jezer “Boc” Caballero was assigned to play drums.

The band released a three-song demo album called “WE ARE” with the songs: We Are that An Endless Serenade and Run. They started playing gigs in Cavite, Las Piñas, Makati, and Manila and started gaining some listeners and followers.

In January 2015, they started recording at Earbender Recording Studio in Cavite. They finished mixing and mastering all the tracks by September 2016. On November 15, 2016, the band independently released their first digital album entitled, “An Endless Serenade”, which contained eight tracks and can be downloaded for free at their Soundcloud page. The band also participated in UPRISING 2: WAGAYWAY FESTIVAL 2016, a music festival in Cavite.

They are currently having gigs and are also playing with notable bands like Urbandub, Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus, Peryodiko, Mayonnaise, Hilera, Join the Club, Valley of Chrome, and Franco.
Starlight Replica is truly a band to watch out!

This coming Saturday at 6 pm, catch Starlight Replica in the ‘Only Indie Philippines’ segment hosted by DJ Sheena only on Energy FM!